James (JT) Thompson

We are proud to have the expertise and skill of the following nutrition specialist available at our facilities.  Clicking on the logo will take you to their corresponding website and business.

James “JT” Thompson, CSN, MT

In 2010, JT switched his primary focus to working with overweight, chronically ill and diseased men, women and children looking to make a larger impact on our country’s rapidly declining health and weight gain crisis. He joined the NBFHC team in 2014 as their full-time Nutritionist and ignited our nutrition program, adding 24 years of experience in Sports Nutrition and weight loss. Having trained outstanding performers in areas like Biggest Loser Family, professional athletes, and sports competitors for both body building and bikini contests. JT brings an array of expertise you’ll find in very few places. He’s personally trained and educated NBFHC patients into losing over 5,000lbs of fat since he joined our team.
He has had exceptional success helping patients with a wide array of maladies including; Type 2 diabetes, High-Cholesterol, Hypertension, Thyroid Disease, Hormone Irregularities, Cancer and other illnesses often attributed to or exacerbated by malnutrition and lack of exercise. His knowledge, hands-on experience and high-level understanding of nutrition has gained him the respect and recognition as one of the very best in his field. Married with 2 children, JT is also an avid outdoorsman. If you’ve got the Bring It On attitude, then make your appointment with JT to evolve and become the best you’ve ever been!