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Meet Our Staff

Our staff experience comes from a wide variety of medical practices – but we have one thing in common – a desire to care for our patients.  Our team comes from varied backgrounds, but with common goals and strong teamwork, we will demonstrate to you a different kind of primary care medicine.  Patient Centered Primary Care.


Roman Nation, MD

Dr. Roman Nation is a board certified Family Medicine Physician who practices a unique style of comprehensive medicine.  He has served in the US Air Force as an astronautical engineer and a family medicine physician.

Dr. Nation is a University of Southern California graduate with a degree in aerospace engineering.  He spent 6 years in the US Air Force as a satellite and test engineer before going to medical school at the Uniformed Services University of Health Sciences.  He completed a Family Medicine Residency at Travis AFB, CA and has lived in Panama City since 2007.

Dr. Nation encourages patients to take control of their health and their health care.  He has a strong background in traditional family medicine and has been pursuing studies with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine ( to provide a very personalized blend of classic and newer therapies.  He wants patients to live as healthy and happily as possible. 


Jim Deas – Physician Assistant, PA-C

Mr. Deas worked with Dr. Nation in the past, and their cohesion and practice styles instantly complimented each other.  Jim doubled our practice capacity in the spring of 2012 and we have become a much stronger clinic ever since.  He had many years of experience in the military, and through a series of career changes, Jim’s talents were noted in medicine and he was ushered into PA training.  Before retiring from the Navy, Jim served as a physician assistant for over 10 years.  Jim continued to practice locally in many settings where he honed his skills for skin procedures and good cosmetic outcomes.

Jim has practiced in group settings and even solo at Sea Oats clinic – many patients have waited a long time to find him again for his special talent.  Jim not only knows the majority of the medical community in Panama City (and interfaces with them regularly), he possesses a unique ability in knowing patients’ histories without having to reference their chart.  Jim is a master at helping patients choose their care plans and is the first to pick up the phone and advocate for a patient and their family.
Jim’s legacy spans more than 3 generations, now with 3 sons and several grandchildren to keep his evenings and weekends occupied.  Jim adds humor and history to the unique brand of medicine at Nation’s Best Family Health Care.


Stephanie Breland – Nurse Practitioner, ARNP-C

Ms. Breland joined the Nation’s Best team in June 2013 to add her special traits to our practice.  Stephanie began her medical career as a registered nurse before completing her Master’s Program in 2004.  She’s worked in primary care as well as pain management and other practices, but possesses a focal interest in weight loss medicine, women’s health, and hormone therapy treatments.

When it comes to weight loss, Stephanie has great expertise.  She’s run weight loss clinics with other providers and is dedicated to not just helping patients lose weight, but optimizing their other medical treatments.  With her approach, the standard “eat less, do more” mantra is not her advice – she knows (and will find) other metabolic areas that make weight loss a more pleasant journey to feeling better.

Stephanie has been a long time Panama City resident, raising 2 girls and a husband.



Genea Salmon, Office Manager

Genea was born in Ocala, Florida and raised in a military family until settling in Panama City in 1993. She has been with Nation's Best since its inception in 2011 and has been a central force in creating that special level of professionalism and care that our patients love. She's thorough, meticulous, compassionate, kind, and understanding.

Genea is involved with all aspects of patients care, both medical and administrative.  She’s recently completed studies to become a Certified Professional Coder (CPC) and is pursuing education to become a Certified Family Practice Manager (CFPM).



Theresa Steed, Registered Nurse

Theresa joined Nation’s Best in 2012 and brought new skills to our practice as a registered nurse.  Her path to becoming a registered nurse began in medicine as a front desk receptionist, collecting a degree from University of Florida along the way.  She’s worked in many aspects of outpatient clinics and she spent intense years as an ICU nurse at Bay Medical Center.

Theresa is on Mr. Deas patient care team but also manages other medical management issues for the clinic.  Today she focuses on getting patients well in an outpatient setting and ensuring our medical records are as complete as possible.  She also performs blood draws, injections, IV fluids, and other procedures.

Theresa is a mom with 2 children and just recently a second time grandmother.


Trineshia Williams, Medical Assistant

Trineshia jumped on board the NBFHC team in summer 2012 and has a multi-talented background. She diligently applies her medical training to taking great care of our patients and is pursuing education to become a registered nurse.  She has worked in primary care settings most of the time and takes pride in giving “painless” shots in clinic.

Trineshia is assigned on Dr. Nation’s team and has helped out with our weight loss patients in educating them about facilities and technology to help them reach their goals.  She has to be busy, caring for 4 children ages 9 to 2.  Always energetic and eager to listen and learn, Trineshia has become a well-known part of the Nation’s Best family.


Julie Schriber, Medical Assistant

Julie became a welcome member to the Nation’s Best team in 2012 and has spent years as a Panama City native. She and Genea have been long time acquaintances in the medical community since they began working in the medical field.   She has had medical pursuits ranging from Oncology, Primary care and Urology.

Julie is assigned to Ms. Breland’s team as her patient panel develops, but also has a special interest in our weight loss and hormone therapies.  If you want to know about hormones, be sure to ask at your next appointment.

Julie’s family is local and many partake in the family business, Whitehead Plumbing.  Julie is also a very proud mom to a now college student daughter.


Ellen Breazeale – Medical Administrative Assistant

Ellen is the newest member of the NBFHC team. She brings a boundless enthusiasm to the front desk and helps patients both before and after their appointments with providers.

Ellen handles many things throughout the day, but most prominently you’d recognize her in making appointments.  You can often hear her smiling through the phone and has been instrumental in helping keep patients account balances current.

Ellen is engaged and has a teenage daughter to fill out her daily schedule.


Naomi Emanuel – Billing and Insurance Specialist

Naomi is well acquainted with Mr. Deas and has worked with him in the past, so it was a natural fit to add her expertise to the team in the spring of 2013.  She has been a big help in helping our efforts with insurance denials to get the most of your insurance benefits.  She’s also worked on our credentials with insurances to keep processes running smoothly and regularly assists patients with any billing issues.

Although short in stature, Naomi is long on tenacity.  Naomi has a unique talent for attention to detail and completing projects where others would throw in the towel.  She is a wonderful asset to our team.